GIVE Governancefor Inclusive Vocational Excellence


The project GIVE aims at designing and developing a European Platform of Centre of Excellence devoted to innovating VET sector for the social inclusion of individuals belonging to disadvantaged group. The project aims at consolidating the activities and practices developed at local level by the partners in terms of inclusion, exploiting their outcomes and impacts of Inclusive Excellence.


One of the main objectives of the project is to contribute to the innovation in VET sector for social inclusion of individual belonging to disadvantage groups, with particular reference to learners:

  • With a migration background
  • With disabilities
  • Low skills and obsolete qualifications
  • A drop-out history
  • With special learning needs
  • Difficultsocio-economic background

The Partnership includes best practices of VET centres companies and business representatives, universities and policy-makers from Italy, Finland, Malta, Romania, Spain (Tunisia and Belarus) characterised by similar approaches promoting personalised didactics and flexible governance models.

The GIVE project will offer a trigger for the consolidation of a European Platform for the analysis and development of practices and tools in terms of pedagogical framework and governance for a really inclusive and excellent VET system, as well as leaders’ and trainers’ training in EU and beyond.



  • Cometa Formazione Società Cooperativa Sociale (Italy)



  • Centro San Viator (Spain)
  • Espoonseudunkoulutuskuntayhtymä Omnia (Finland)
  • Green Berry Oy (Finland)
  • MCAST (Malta)
  • The Malta Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise Association (Malta)
  • Group spa (Italy)
  • Lantegi Batuak (Spain)


Furthercomposition of the partnership

University Bucharest (Romania)

Häme University of Applied Sciences (Finland)

EfVET (Belgium)



Start: 01/11/2020 – End: 31/10/2024